Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Introducing... the TritTags!

So what do you do when you've developed a craving for a really bright tritium lantern and there are no-one to be found that fits the bill?

Don't get me wrong -there are a lot of really nice lanterns out there, but they were all either very expensive or quite unobtainable due to low production volume and high demand. My solution was to make my own and since I'm no metalworker, I chose one of the coolest manufacturing methods known to man: 3D printing. After posting a picture on the Atwood Toolbook, I discovered that there were a lot of desire for a low-cost, readily available lantern. So I thought I'd share.

TritTags are holders for tritium vials, designed to fit on a split ring to help you locate your items in the dark.

This is my 1st prototype, shown next to a raw bar finished Wrunt from Peter Atwood. I have tweaked the design a bit since this stage, but the format is similar.

I have a few of these out for testing by people I'd call EDC connoisseurs. If they are happy with them, the design will be for sale very shortly.