Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An angry bead

The first product to come out of the f5 Designs x Renegade Productions collaboration, the Angry FlatBead is lanyard bling out of the ordinary

Made in Shapeways' "Factory of The Future", this bead holds 3pcs 1.5x6.0mm tritium vials (not included) inserted via the lanyard hole. Once the lanyard is inserted, there are no clues to how the vials were inserted, and you're left with a bead with an attitude.

Since this bead has a very defined facing, we decided to make it properly oriented with an oval cord hole, so it kept it's focus. 2 lines of normal 550 paracord fills the lanyard hole quite well and hold the vials in place so you can test out color combinations (the vials in the picture are not fixed). For daily use, we recommend permanently fixing the vials, either with Norland 61 or with super glue.

The Angry FlatBead can be purchased at our Shapeways store

The first prototype of the Angry face