Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bling for her: Gold droplet with glowing hearts

Shapeways coming out with the 24K Gold plated Brass material did spark a lot of creativity in me, so I've spent some time designing and testing out some new products.

What is unique to Shapeways' process of making products in precious metals is that the object is printed on a ultra-high wax 3D printer. The wax object is then used to make a mold in which brass or silver is poured. This is precisely how many professional jewelers make their designs and the smoothness is unparalelled.

The pendant has 2 cavities that fit 3x22.5mm tritium vials (3x23mm will also fit) without any need for cleaning the cavities. Barely visible in the picture above, the pendant also has 3 windows on each side in addition to the heart-shaped windows.

The Triple Heart Pendant is available in Shapeways' precious metal line (24K Gold plated brass and Sterling Silver) and can be purchased here