Thursday, November 14, 2013

Torpedo Lantern mk2 Sign Up Sale (CLOSED)

Second SUS, and another one-off Torpedo Lantern!

(Peter Atwood Wrunt not included)

This lantern is 3D printed in Shapeways’ new “Matte Black Steel”, which is a patina’ed Bronze infused Steel. I really like the rough and gritty look it gives, and have put on an oxidized split ring to match. The bottom is tapped and has a small hex screw so it is possible to change the vial. The lantern has 9 pretty large windows to expose a lot of the vial.


This lantern comes with a yellow vial (which is quite bright and complements the black material well), padded in either end with leather discs to keep it from shaking.

The Torpedo Lantern mk2 is a one-off in this material but I also have a nylon proto that came out quite nice and might be for sale later. There will be no further runs of this.

The price is $70 for the lantern with the vial and shipping is $7 worldwide.

This sale is closed. Thanks!